Saturday, 30 September 2017

Poppies - Tan Renga

The challenge for this week's Tan Renga Challenge is haiga by Suzanne of Art and Life.

And here's my attempt to carry it forward...

red poppies of Troy
- the blood of the fallen
bright on the grass                                (© Suzanne)

lovers walk hand in hand
new history of hope budding               (© Nimi)

Prompt by and Shared by -
Carpe Diem Tan Renga Challenge #73, Suzanne's "Poppies"

Zest - Haiku

Zest with magic five -
Family Friends Holidays;
some Books and Solitude

Plum flower blossoms - Haiku

Resharing with CDHK, the first Haiku I had linked to it...

Flowering Plums (Image Source)

Plum flower blossoms
Delicate fragrance, harsh cold
Emissary of spring

Prompt from Carpe Diem Haiku Kai:

A Rare Finding - Haiku

Heart of Gold... (Image Source)

Searching for treasure
he kept wandering along
Found a heart of gold

Content laughter - Haiku

Image Source

I glance questioningly
when my daughter heartily laughs; 
she says "Just like that"

Practicality - Haiku

The inspiration is this serene haiku by Chiyo-Ni -

floating away, despite
the butterfly's weight on it

I feel a little guilty for tainting this serenity with boring, even depressing, practicality. But this is what I started thinking and the contrast made me smile. So here it is -

alarm clock
again snoozing, despite
the tight schedule

Mumbai monsoons - Haiku

Mumbai (Image Source)

On my roof tonight
Mumbai rain pitter-patters
Lullaby of resilience

Dessicated dreams - haiku

the dreams battered
crying out for showers of hope
like dessicated fields

© Nimi Arora

The last episode of Carpe Diem Haiku Kai with a profound Haiku by Basho

ill on a journey
my dreams start to wander
across dessicated fields

and above is my amateur writing inspired by it.

Landslide - A Haiku

Landslide (Image Source)

The boulders poised
loosely on the mountain
And it rained that night

Dawn chorus - Haiku

The dawn chorus -

The Glow of Dawn - Tan Renga

as a white dove lands
words unspoken yet knowing-
the glow of the dawn                (© Jamie Wieland)

waiting for new beginnings
needing a peace of the world      (Nimi)

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Chopping Wood - Haiku

Chopping Wood (Image Source)

With each strike
the groan resonates -
Chopping wood

Written in response to prompt by and shared with

Double Rainbow - Tan Renga

double rainbow
arches across stormy sky
time to count blessings (Ese)

a lonely heart grateful   
for the smiling strangers (Nimi)

Prompt by and Shared with -

Carpe Diem Tan Renga Challenge # 45, "Double Rainbow

Persimmons - Haiku

Persimmon tree (Credits)

lonely on branches
eager to move on
Persimmons ripen

I had never heard of Persimmons before. On reading Bastet and Sekhmet's blog, I was fascinated. 

The photograph of leafless branches with fruits hanging off them - it seems like an imaginary drawing. So I was tempted to imagine about all that I now knew of Persimmons and write about it. The result is the Haiku above.

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Geeli Mitti - haiku

Image Source

'Geeli Mitti' (गीली मिट्टी) is a hindi phrase which, if translated literally into English, means 'Wet Mud'.

'Wet Mud' can't convey what I want to express. What I actually refer to is 'Petrichor' - the pleasant smell after first rain.

'Geeli Mitti' is the soothing fragrance that hangs in the air and encompasses the senses just after the rains.

There's a playschool near my house named 'Geeli Mitti' and just reading that name brings back nostalgic memories of playing in the rain, enjoying the sweet aroma after the rain stops and the carefree happiness of childhood.

'Geeli Mitti' is also reminder of the temptation to leave the classroom and go out to play during monsoons...

looking out the window
Childhood calls

Prompt by and Shared with -

Wise Pearls - Haiku

deep down
in the heart's ocean-
pearls of wisdom

Prompt by and Shared with -

Rooted Pebble - Haiku

Source: Zen Pebbles

Thrown up in the air
the pebble returns eagerly
called by its roots

Life - a Tapestry... Haiku

The prompt of Carpe Diem # 524 is 'Tapestry'.
Life is beautifully compared to Tapestry, which inspired me to write this...

Tapestry of Life (Source)

each moment woven
threads of pleasure and struggle
Tapestry of life

emotions galore
various colours and shades
Tapestry of life

rotting with time
tapestry of life -

Back when, life didn't seem to be a constant race against time, I had embroidered a small wall-hanging (using one of those easy stitch kits). When I read of Tapestry, I instantly thought of my one and only embroidered masterpiece hanging importantly at my aunt's shop. Every time I visit her, the wall-hanging takes me back in time... momentarily...

 hanging by a thread
deserving a passing glance
my moments of leisure

Prompt by and Shared with -
Carpe Diem #524, Tapestry

Nature cleanses - a Haiku

monsoon purity
every teardrop cleanses
anxious heart

Shared with -

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Invisible Moon - Haiku

Carpe Diem's new challenge ("Vision Quest" #1 day 1 "New Moon"). For the first Vision Quest the haiku is

new moon
she, our moon will grow again
a new life cycle
© Chevrefeuille

And here's what I wrote inspired by it -

invisible moon
I perceived in hiding
craving to be seen

Transient life - Haiku

Carpe Diem's "Vision Quest"#1 day 2, "An empty Shell".
The inspiring Haiku is

next to my footprint
the empty shell of a hermit crab -
Ah! what a sadness
© Chevrefeuille

And here's what I wrote inspired by it -

beautiful and transient-
Life's verity

Silence of faith - Haiku

Carpe Diem's "Vision Quest"#1 day 3, "Deep Silence".
The inspiring Haiku is

evening walk
the sound of wind chime
deep silence
© Chevrefeuille

And here's what I wrote inspired by it -

steps to faith
the bell of temple
heart at peace

One step at a time - Haiku

vain egg worried
unaware of the future
O' Butterfly egg

O' Butterfly egg
experienced flower said
one step at a time

Prompt by and Shared with -
Carpe Diem #548, Traveler

my two cents worth... haiku

every word I write
my thoughts archived
my two cents worth

Prompt by and Shared with - Write Tribe

My Shadow - Haiku

hiding in full view
always by my side
my shadow in dark

Prompt by and Shared with - Theme Thursday

Autumn's last show - Tan Renga

in the pond
reflected trees and drifting leaves
-autumn's last show                (© Suzanne)

reflecting on drifting time
making way for the snow      (Nimi)

Prompt by and Shared with -

Grief of letting go... Haiku

contended eyes
bidding adieu to sad ones
-the last breath

Prompt by and Shared with -
Carpe Diem #553, Grief

In Spirit - haiku

Image Source

forever present
the cocoon of love
with me in spirit

Prompt by and Shared with -
Carpe Diem #554, "Belief in Spirits"

Visit to Cemetery - haiku

Image Source

head bowed
he buried the pain 
peace after decades

Prompt by and Shared with -
Carpe Diem #555, Cemetery

Apples - Haiku

the crunch
masks juicy freshness-
an apple bite

Prompt by and Shared with -
Carpe Diem #568, Apples

Lizards and Chameleons... Haiku


our eyes meet
hide please
i need to sleep

rushing on the floor
spooking us all
seeking vertical comfort


changing colors
innocent eyes
- so human

Prompt by and Shared with -

Fireworks... haiku

Image Source

It is fireworks time in India - October 23 is Diwali, the festival of lights.
The Carpe Diem prompt 'Fireworks' is perfectly timed.

my dream to fly
i give wings to fireworks
-the glorious burn

in vibrant colours

transient gaiety
quest for an ally

But Diwali celebration leads to a lot of discomfort for many. There is another side to the festivities - the trouble of loud sounds and polluted air.
Students are advised - 'Say No to Crackers'

Peeking out the window
craving for frolics to end
caged at home

Prompt by and shared with-
Carpe Diem #581, Hanabi (Fireworks)

Drums - haiku

the call of drums
an apprehensive flutter
-butterfly wings

Prompt by and Shared with -
Haiku Horizons

Monsoon joy - Tan Renga (Haiku)

splash on rock
a new journey begins
chirp echoes

an ache resounds my being 
adieu monsoons, live in now

Image Source
Carpe Diem "Time Glass" challenge is about writing a Haiku on the given prompt in 12 hours. This is the first time I am responding to a prompt in this challenge.
This week the challenge is to write a 'solo' Tan Renga, using the photo above and a haiku for inspiration.
The haiku for inspiration is -

gurggling valley stream
brings joy to the heart of Mother Nature -
Il Silenzio
© Chèvrefeuille 

Prompt by and Shared with -
Carpe Diem "Time Glass" #7, "Valley Stream"